[REPLAY] - #35 - Elevate your employees' experience with Stéphanie Duchemin

January 18, 2022 Amélie Beerens
[REPLAY] - #35 - Elevate your employees' experience with Stéphanie Duchemin
Show Notes

I’ve known Stéphanie Duchemin for seven years now, ever since she gave me my first shot as a consultant. So getting her on the show to talk about the employee experience has been a long time coming!

Stéphanie is head of human capital at The House of Marketing, a fast-growing agency with a team of 90 people. As the group’s been evolving, she’s helped across different entities, including recruitment and talent development planning – all in all, making sure they have the right people and that they’re happy and perform at a high standard. 

“That's actually what makes me satisfied in my job,” says Stéphanie. "I realised that [cultivating an excellent employee experience] has an impact on people, on their development and therefore on the company as well. So it’s really a win-win.”

But why else is focusing on company culture so good for business? 

Stéphanie adds: “I often hear, ‘Oh yeah. But if you're an employee-centric company, then maybe you're not a customer-centric company”. And my brain kind of bends. Why should it be one and not the other? In most cases, if you have employees who are happy and can thrive in their job, there’s a 99% chance that your clients will also be happy."

It's really about all of these little steps, all of these little decisions that you make that build up to a company culture, Stéphanie says. “And therefore, I think it's very important to be mindful of what message you send when you decide on something; how you communicate.”

Convinced? Listen to the podcast to discover more about how to do the employee experience, The House of Marketing style.

Or, if you’re short on time, I’ve also condensed all my key tips – FAQ style – in a summarized, quick-read version right here.

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